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-Image Gallery-

Here is what is probably the largest collection of Plo Koon images in one place.  Enjoy!!

Here is the Plo Koon card from the Young Jedi Collectible Card Game.  Yoda is quoted at the bottom, saying, "Our own counsel we will keep on who is ready.
Here two images of Master Koon's face.  The unhooded one on the left is from and the hooded one is from another site.

Here is an excellent picture of the entire Jedi Council.  Going counter-clockwise from top left is, Plo Koon, Mace Windu, Yoda, Ki-Adi-Mundi, __, Yaddle, Even Piell, ___, Yarael Poof, ___, Adi Galla.  The blanks are names I'm unsure of.

This is an image from the game "Jedi Power Battles".
This is a screenshot from Jedi Power Battles showing Master Koon using Electric Judgment in battle. 
Here's a concept sketch of Plo from TheForce.Net.
Here's another early sketch, this one from  Sure
looks different, doesn't it?!?

 Here's two scans of cards from the Topps' Widevision card series.

I can't remember where I got this picture, but it's obviously of Plo in the Jedi Council.
Here's several images from comic books starring Master Koon.
One more comic book image.  In this frame, Master Koon is conversing with Mace Windu, I believe.


Finally, at long last I have pictures of the PLO KOON ACTION FIGURE!!!  Pretty cool looking, eh?  These pics were given to me by Phillip Flores.  Thanks man!!

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