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This site is all about Plo Koon, the coolest Jedi Master around.  Now all Plo Koon fans out there have a place to come and talk about, find information on, or worship their favorite Jedi Master.

-What's New With Master Koon?-

August 10, 2000
I have pics of the Plo Koon action figure up!!  There's one of the front and one of the back.  They're in the gallery, so go check them out!!!!  Thanks to Phillip Flores for emailing them to me!

 August 7, 2000
Believe it or not, but I updated!!  There's a few new images in the gallery now.  Not much, but still neat.  A few new links too.  I think I've found all other good ones, all I can find are small info pages.  If any body knows of a good Plo Koon page, let me know.

July 5, 2000
I've done a little summer redecorating.  I hope you like it, and happy belated 4th of July!!

June 25, 2000
The image gallery is finally back up.

-Plo Koon Links-
*=Page is in foreign (non-English) language
The Official Alan Ruscoe Fan Site- The official fan site for Alan Ruscoe, the actor who plays Master Plo Koon. Also the HQ of the P.L.O.E.K.s. What are they? Check out the site!
TheForce.Net- The best Star Wars news site around.  It has stuff on everything from AA-23 to Admiral Zaarin.  With plenty of Plo Koon news, too!
The Outer Rim- My other Star Wars site, mainly about the computer games and books, with a small ship guide.
Star Wars: Plo Koon- Official site information page about Plo Koon.  Good source of info.
Eye on Episode 1, Plo Koon / Alan Ruscoe- This most likely was a pre-Episode 1 "spy" page with info on Master Koon
Plo Koon: Jedi Master- This page is an entry in the Star Wars Index of
Plo Koon-* This is a page about Master Koon on a Italian Star Wars site.  Have fun reading it!!
Delta Source Bio- Here's an encyclopedic entry about Plo on
Plo Koon- Small info page on, much like the rest.
Cougar's Star Wars-Lexikon - Plo Koon- * Since German isn't one of my languages, your guess is as good as mine with this one!!!!
MASSASI STAR WARS--Plo Koon- Another encyclopedic entry, but the graphics look pretty cool!

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