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-Plo Koon Information-

Who is He? Plo Koon is a Jedi Master, and one of the 12 members currently serving on the Jedi Council.  He is a Kel Dor from the world of Dorin.  Due to sensitivity to oxygen, he must wear a breathing mask similar to that of Darth Vader when he is on oxygen-rich worlds such as Coruscant.  He also possesses highly-developed extrasensory organs.  He skillfully uses them to enhance his Jedi mind powers to extremes.  He was also a friend of Qui-Gon Jinn.
Where Can I Find Him? Master Koon is featured in, of course Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.  He is also a star in the game Jedi Power Battles by Lucasarts.  You can also find him in several comics books.
What's so Special About Him? A good question, as many of you are probably wondering.  He is a Jedi Master, with much experience and he is very powerful.  He is one of the few Jedi who can master the "Electric Judgment" Force Lightning, like what is used by Emperor Palpatine in Episode VI.  He is also a master of the Saber Cyclone technique, which allows him to push enemies out of attack range to recover or regroup.  As was mentioned before, he can use his highly- developed extrasensory organs to enhance his Jedi mind powers to extremes.
What's Some of His History? He is legendary for his leadership in the Stark Hyperspace Wars.  During the war, he took up the Republic banner after a great Jedi Master was killed.  He was able to rally the disheartened troops to an unlikely and miraculous victory.  Ever since he has been a trusted ally to the Republic's Army and Navy as a Jedi Council Member.  He had fought alongside the fallen Qui-Gon Jinn on several occasions and had been looking forward to the day when his friend might consider filling one of the short-term council positions.

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